HELLO HI! My names Chello I prefer ey/em/eir/emself pronouns pretty please, and this is a personal blog of many things! So many things. I try to tag my fandoms with the regular tags and if you have anything you really need tagged (I.E. blood, phobias, etc) just let me know and I'll do my damned best to tag them for you darlings!
I cosplay and sew plushes, and I promise I'm not terrifying! I'm about as intimidating as an excitable ball of fluff. Which isn't at all. Really! But that's enough about me c: I have a page for tags that'll direct you to all sorts of neat things (like my pretty alright art, and my pretty rad costumes, and also askblogs, which I always welcome questions be asked to; the inactivity stems from lack of questions most of the time)


Anonymous asked
I'm sorry if my questions were invasive, I just wanted to get to know you and your friends better. You're a really cool person and I'm shy as anything and I don't think I could ever have the courage to talk with you myself.

Ah! Oh no do not worry friend uwu I promise I don’t bite! Like wow I just wish I knew who you were ‘0’ 
I really like talking to people uvu I just worry about talking to people about OTHER people cos I don’t wanna say something I’m not supposed to y’know? :O 
Hey you should tell me about you! You said you’re shy right? 

Do you ever put something on and feel a burst of happy energy in your whole body? No? Then you might need this outfit its an energy burst of good feeling!!

anon i have no idea who you are or why you wanna know about my frond so much but ??
?????? peents. 

Anonymous asked
I'm sure they would love to meet up with you. Can you tell us how the two of you met? Or anything else at all about this mysterious sleeping person who sounds really adorable and precious?

Puffs I met them a way long time ago actually when we both used to do tumblr rp they were like SOOOO COOOOOL (they still are but still) and I was like oh MAN they are SO OUT OF MY LEAGUE but there was a couple times i managed to work the nerve to talk to them you know? And  then like! Through our shared love of torture and gore we ended up swapping skypes? I think? this might be a bit wrong, because it was A REALLY LONG TIME BACK and I don’t remember these things very well unfortunately but~ 

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Anonymous asked
Why don't you ask? I don't think they would mind if you ask nicely, it's not like they get up early, do they? And besides if they're cool with hanging out with you outside I'm sure spending a few more minutes with you wouldn't upset them. Go on and ask we wanna know. They're probably cool with you talking about them too.

peep? Oh no anon friend they are passed tHE FUCK OUT they had a horrible migraine so they went to sheep umu 
but we have talked about meeting up! It’s not impossible but like.
It’d take a bunch of finagling and saving up money 
We’ve never actually hung out face to face before (but we’ve video called before ouo) 
I just don’t wanna drop any names or anything uvu; they have a tumblr but they’re not on it much at all
but they’re a super precious darling ;u;

Anonymous asked
Oooh, you miss someone who just passed out? What can you tell us about them? What are they like? What makes you miss them? What did they last say to you before passing out?

kicks legs I don’t wanna tell you all about them because I dunno if they’re comfortable with that but I can say they’re a precious darlin and they live 13 hours away from here and!?!?!
Distance isn’t fair plane tickets are expensive and buses are terrifying 

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You know whats for people with an ounce of self respect who don’t feel ill while they take selfies in outfit trials? Bras. 
And yeah. I’m totally wearing that Tutu upside down, cos I liked the way it looked better that way. Fite. 
I got that as a gift from a frond and I’m trying to find a super cute outfit i can wear with it all together but I don’t know the first thing about wearing a tutu of all things! As cute as they are >v< I think I’ll wear some tights and short shorts and ? A crop top n a tanktop I guess? I dunno. 
Also the last picture is just what I wore to go eat today, I just kinda liked it. Really need to get better lighting in my room and a better camera :T 

Anonymous asked
Zombie. From the monster ask thing.

Do I miss anyone right now? 

shit. I miss alotta people 
Alotta them be dead people
But I miss em y’know 
And then there’s some people that I just don’t get to see anymore, or we just sorta drifted apart, and I miss them too sometimes. 
I mean there’s one person who’s just passed out and I miss them like whOA and it’s stupid because they didn’t? Go anywhere? So I shouldn’t miss them uvu but I do. I feel a bit bad about it cos that sounds kinda clingy @x@

Anonymous asked
Tag! Again. You're a really big cute and really good at cosplaying. I enjoy your Junko and Pinkie Pie a lot. I know your laptop broke, but I hope we get to some more of you and your amazing awesome cosplays.

who are you and why do you tag me it’s making me blush omg who are mew you obviously have been paying attention cos you know the laptops brokedebroked and this one doesn’t like the webcam
squints into the abyss
Pinkie Pie is getting an element of harmony when I can scrape together the money to pay for the resin casting 
Junko„ needs a wig style+detangle and„ i need to find out what happened to the shirt and tie >:C huffs. 
but thank you so much friend!!! 

okay so the video player isn’t working but it’s just a webisode of the ghouls auditioning for Dance Tryouts aND INVISIBILLY and Rochelle are just so cute and omfc I know she has a boyfriend whatsisname that made  the unique rose just for her but damnit he lives way out in scaris and we don’t see him anymore 
(also I plan on cosplaying this outfit of Rochelles and the shoes baffle me what the heckie are those) 

SCREAMS REALLY LOUDLY Apple giving Ashlyn her heart bloom because them being friends forever is whats in her true heart even if Ashlyn is dating a rebel and might become one herself to stay with him SLAY ME IM FUCKING CRYING

c. a. cupid breaks my heart cos she cLEARLY likes this boy and this boy clEARLY likes somebody else but instead of being all >:CCC I HATE THIS GIRL she’s like no i want you to be happy but I also want you to notice me NOTICE ME PRINCE CHARMING I AM PRACTICALLY THROWING MYSELF INTO YOUR ARMS GOD 

im so fucking angry ever after high outfits are basically lolitas in disgustingly high heels and I wanna wear all of them